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New RSS Feed!

Hi viewers! Do you have a lot of blogs you follow? Maybe you don’t have time to go to each individual one? Try using the RSS Feed! But wait! What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Most blogging services have 2 feeds: posts and comments. Services such as FeedBurner use this feed, and can subscribe you to popular feed services. FeedBurner will also show you the live feed content. You can also use services like this to create podcasts; but we’re not going to talk about that.

To subscribe to the RSS Feed, click the subscribe button on the right side of my blogs! You will be taken to a page that has the active feed content, and links to subscribe with popular services. If you don’t see your Feed Reader there, copy the link address into your reader.

So how do you read one? To read a Feed, you will need a Feed Reader. I used to use Google Reader, but they are stopping that service. You can use services such as Newsblur and Feedly. Once you have a reader, you can subscribe to any sites you want!

What about the original site? On all feed readers, you can click the title of the post to go to the original one on the blog site. If the feed is set up right, you can add comments to the post from your reader if you want!

How about sharing? If you want to share a post, most feed readers have buttons for sharing on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other services. If your feed reader doesn’t have those options, the actual feed has an e-mail link and Facebook link for sharing.

I hope you liked this article! Happy Feed Reading!!! :D

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My embarrassing secret!

My embarrassing secret!

Oh my! Is that me?

When we went to a MOPS meeting in Wisconsin Rapids, I couldn’t resist dressing up! The kids loved it! :P

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Vukosich Baby #5!

Vukosich Baby #5!

Evelyn Marie Vukosich

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Revolution Raceway – The Inside Action

Take another look at Appleton Revolution Raceway in HD! Watch on the YouTube page to read the video description.

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The Silly Dilly Show!

Starring Caroline and Nadia in HD Video!

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It’s Pumpkin-Head!

Just got home from Shopko. Had to buy a new hat because I left the old one at a friends house. Too funny!Me in my pumpkin hat.The pumpkin face pulled over my face.

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